Week Fifteen – Babies Everywhere!

By April 10, 2015February 29th, 2016farm journal

Beginning a new project: Weekly Farm Journal!

Hopefully this will serve as a resource to us in future years when we can look back on our humble beginnings and smile with satisfaction at how far we’ve come.

All our dino kale starts are in the ground (with the exception of one, which is just beside me in a pot in the window.) We ran new drip lines and planted them all in the plot around the fruit trees. We’re hoping their season will be extended by the shade… and not stunted by it!

With Callan’s help, we weeded nearly the whole garden and applied a nice fat layer of alfalfa mulch. And it’s only a matter of seconds, I’m sure, before the bindweed starts sprouting right up through it.

We’ve got squash, lettuce, carrots, chard, cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers, and some herbs still in trays… moving in and out from the floor of the greenhouse/office every day. (MUST have greenhouse by next winter!!!)

Our baby chicks are spending each day outside in the old hog cage and are getting more and more awkward by the day. We have work to do still to finish up the coop so the chickens are happy in their roosting spots.

Had our conference call with Western SARE about the grant today and are excited to get started with that project!

The peach tree is happy and pregnant and the apple tree is filled with the sounds of happy buzzing bees.