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The Ceremony.

Performed by our dear, magical, inspiring friend, Inti Dewey.

We are here standing in the very source of life for this valley, not to mark the beginning of a new relationship, but to celebrate a new season of the relationship that has been growing since before you met.

Together you’ll nurture this partnership in which your burdens will be made lighter by dividing them, and your joys will be multiplied —your experiences enriched— by sharing them. And when frustration, difficulty, or fear challenge you —as they will— your love will be a source from which to draw strength, and by surmounting those challenges, your loving connection will be strengthened in return.

Beth’s Vows

I want to to be your partner and I want you to be mine.

Any obstacle we face, we face together.

We’ll be partners in hard work.
Partners in dirty work.
Partners in joy.
Partners in creating.
Partners in growing.
Partners in magic.

My whole life I’ve dreamt of a partnership like this.

You’ve told me since before I was ready to believe you that you could see my soul. I believe you now.

It really is magic. My wishes all keep coming true until I run out of things to wish for.

I love your ideas.
I love your brain.
I love your patience and kindness.
I love your jokes.
And I love your dreams.

I love the future you imagine. And I want to live in it.

Let’s keep having the best day ever.
Again and again.

Do you, Kemper,
accept this woman as your wife
joining with her today in partnership,
honoring her growth and freedom
as well as your own,
cherishing and respecting her
from this day forward?

{ He does! }

Kemper’s Vows

I want to be your partner and you to be mine.

Together we are magic.

Together we are one and together we build this family.

Your smile is contagious
& something that I cannot live without.

I love your soul, your compassion and your creativity.
I love your ability to break the mold.

Our love is boundless and I cherish that we’ll get to spend the rest of our days together.


Do you, Beth,
accept this man as your husband
joining with him today in partnership,
honoring his growth and freedom
as well as your own,
cherishing and respecting him
from this day forward?

{ She does! }

I now pronounce you husband & wife.

We who are here today hope that the radiance and love of this moment will never be forgotten.

May that love, which is noble and true, remain abundantly in your hearts, giving you strength and bringing you joy through all that lies ahead.




Arnold and Barkhurst Married

Nov 19, 2014 — Valencia County News Bulletin
By Elise Kaplan

Witnessed by a crowd of family and friends, Elizabeth “Beth” Arnold and Kemper Barkhurst slipped off their boots and stepped into the Rio Grande to marry one another Nov. 15.

Beth and Kemper, both graphic designers, farmers, tie-dye vendors and so much more, met 2 1/2 years ago and share a desire to live simply and thoughtfully.

Beth grew up in Cedar Crest with her parents John and Becky Arnold, and spent her time biking, dancing and smiling around Albuquerque before meeting Kemper, son of Hope and Don Barkhurst.

Over the past year, the couple settled into Kemper’s childhood home in Peralta, transforming the land into a postcard perfect lavender farm and a magical slice of real life.

They share their days with Kemper’s three children, Evangeline “Evie,” 5, Jack, 8, and Gillian, 10; several chickens, two dogs, Remy and Luna; and a dearly departed duck, Francine.

The ceremony was presided over by a close friend, Inti Dewey, and the pair vowed to remain partners forever in life, love and creative pursuits.

Guests ate huevos rancheros and danced to blue grass under the stars.

“Lets keep having the best day of our lives every day.”