Bluefly Farms is a certified organic lavender farm in Peralta, New Mexico.

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We offer fresh and dried lavender bundles, culinary lavender, lavender plants, essential oils, and hydrosols.

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    Lavender Essential Oil — Steam Distilled from Organic Lavender

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 Ostara blessings to all the living things!!!  Winter projects.
 Planted squids and porcupines today!  What a year! . So grateful for all the life that we get to nurture and share. . We’re still feverishly working on infrastructure projects as the days of 2017 run out... and we can’t wait to see where the next year takes us.
 All the little plant babies comin’ at ya, Chispas!  May your tables be blessed with abundance and your loved ones all around you!
 These inspectors keep a tight watch on all projects on the farm. Here Decoration is pictured giving the sniff-test to the plumbing of the new livestock tank. Keep it up, boys. Wouldn’t want anything to go un-sniffed. (And thanks for the help, @leondoesthemath)  Just a lil game of aplaca telephone.