Bluefly Farms is a certified organic lavender farm in Peralta, New Mexico.

Looking for Lavender?

We offer fresh and dried lavender bundles, culinary lavender, lavender plants, essential oils, and hydrosols.

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 Getting closer to cider  Shipping out orders like it’s going out of style! Thanks for keeping us growing!!
   When a kind neighbor knocks on your door to tell you your alpacas got loose and you find them waaaay down the road checking out the alpaca friends on the other side of the neighborhood and your farm kids are superstars rounding them up, driving them home, and fetching more treats on their bikes. It is never boring here.
 This spider has a butterfly tattoo  Plums are here!
 Final call on Galas  You are so good to us, Lavender Festival! And better every year! Thank you to our family, friends, and crew for making it happen and thanks to all you beautiful people who came out to support our small organic farm! And now we’re back to harvesting!